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 Join entrepreneur and author, Emerald Wilson-Bey, on her journey through the Employment world. The author conducted a study into the path of Employment and reaching goals. Wanting to understand what drives people to work and what drives them not to.

"Is everyone that doesn't work because of an emergency, are people being complacent with their dreams, are things in the workplace affecting the ability to do well at work, the ability to stay?", she writes. 

"What kind of people work? Are people seeing results from their jobs?", she continued.


Emerald talks about different things that effect the average persons level of success and result rates.

"How Simple is too Simple? Should plans involving how you eat, pay your bills, live, maintain a quality of life, and basic needs really be Simple at all? She asks.

"What if you are a parent ... The word Simple might never be appropriate when planning any of these categories." ~ Emerald 

"Just stop and think how it's documented that seventy percent of people plan something ... After they have already done it incorrectly. While no one is perfect, seems proper planning and discipline can go a long way."

"Which means if this is the Simple math, that the " Successful " thirty-seven percent of people are living by, then what a difference meaningful, thought out planning can make." she wrote.

"Execution should never be first!" ~ Emerald

In this book the author will began with Upbringing, the power of the Resume, Dressing to draw the right attention in the workplace, Choosing the right companies, Avoiding poorly ran companies or poorly behaving employers, and more.

This book is a self-help guide to help the budding career minded people, or the veterans that would like to refresh, to help all the goal oriented souls out there channel the proper energy and momentum to follow your paths to Success!


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" We must do more than just know, we must do " ~ Emerald

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